I am using the following packages for my simple document:


and to compile I use XeLaTeX. Two questions:

(1) Why I can't use commands like \textbf etc.? What should I modify, load etc.? I need to use Polish characters for my text.

(2) What is the best way to insert pieces of long text, which will be justified and with exuations, within boxes and a colourful backgroud? For that I used \usepackage{tabularx} and the following code, but perhaps there is a better solution:

\noindent Long long line dfs s fs dfs f sf sf sf sf s fsd fsd fsd fsd fsd fds fsd fs fsd fsd fsd fs fs of blah blah that df d fd fd fd f df df dfhjdhjhfjhjdhf d jhd fhd \\

I searched the forum and the Internet, but no simple answers were found...

Many thanks, Radek


You're using contradicting packages. Here's a correct preamble. Notice that xunicode and xltxtra should not be loaded any more.


\setmainfont{TeX Gyre Termes}


This has \textbf{boldface} and also Polish
characters Ąą Ęę Łł Ńń Óó Śś Źź Żż

Math is in Times $a+b=c$

enter image description here

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