Having a problem somewhat akin to "How to put section number into the right side of section title in LaTeX" (and neither of the two answers there floating my boat), I was tinkering with titlesec, and came across an error message I cannot fathom.

Ignoring good looks of the example for the sake of brevity, this works:


\titleformat{\section}[hang]{}{\thesection}{0pt}{}{}   %% <--


(Yields "0.1Section".)

Switching the marked line to this also works:


(Yields "0.1Section".)

However, the following line does not work:


(Expected "Section0.1", but yields LaTeX Error, "Missing \begin{document}".)

Apparently the "after"-Field of \titleformat handles things differently. Why does this happen, and can it be avoided?


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The "after" field is optionally specified in square brackets after the "before" field, not in curly braces. This is why this fails.

The proper syntax is thus:


which yields the expected result:



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