I'm using latexmk in a Makefile to compile my document. Since I want my output filename to be different from the input filename, I use latexmk's option jobname.

The problem is: it seems to be incompatible with latexmk -c to clean temporary files.

Here's the specific entry in my Makefile:

these.pdf: header.tex $(OBJS)
    latexmk                 \
        -pdf                \
        -pdflatex="$(TEX)"  \
        -jobname="these"    \
        -use-make $<

Input files are header.tex containing the latex instruction header and other latex content files. The output files are these.{aux,bbl,bcf,...}. Then latexmk -c does not remove temporary files: .{aux,bbl,bcf,...} files.

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You need also to specify the -jobname option when you use latexmk -c, i.e.,

latexmk -c -jobname=these header.tex
  • I don't think adding the .tex file is necessary.
    – stefanct
    Nov 7, 2018 at 14:30

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