Consider the following MWE:


And the bibliography file contains the following:

    title = "\href{http://www.blah1.com/}{Title 1}"

    title = "\href{http://www.blah2.com/}{Title 2}"

The output PDF file contains "Title 1." and "Title 2." with their corresponding hyperlinks. The bibliography looks ugly because of the periods at the end of the entries. I wonder if there is a way to discard the period and have "Title 1" and "Title 2" instead.

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    These are not complete bibliography entries so this is not really a bibliography proper. Even if the source is essentially a web site and there is no author, no organisation responsible and no date, you'd at least provide a date accessed in a proper entry. (And it would be weird if no other details were required and available!)
    – cfr
    Jul 2, 2015 at 21:21

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Based on the answer given by @daleif in How to delete a full stop on reference ending, I added the line


to the preamble in the main file, and amended the bibliography file to:

    note = "\href{http://www.blah1.com/}{Title 1}\EatDot",

    note = "\href{http://www.blah2.com/}{Title 2}\EatDot",

The output file is:

[1] Title 1
[2] Title 2

There is no period at the end of the entries.

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