Is there any way to invoke the list of labels (and then select one for insertion in the text) using either TEXmaker or TEXstudio?

As far as I can tell, in TEXmaker you only get the list of labels when you use and autocomplete command that uses the keyword #label# (for example, an autocompletion defined as \ref{#label#} results in a suggestion for each label defined in the document (\ref{labe1}, \ref{labe2}, etc...) when autocompletion pops up. However, I found no way of invoking a pop-up (or the like) with just the list of defined labels. It is true that the labels are listed in the document structure on the left pane, but apparently they can only be used for navigation, and cannot be dragged or cut/pasted into the text.

In TEXstudio at least you can right click on a label on the list, and you can "insert" it. However, this is still not as convenient as invoking a list of labels while typing.

To put the request in a more specific context, her is why I am interested in this. I was using TEXmaker and heppily and abundantly using the \ref{#label#} autocompletion. At some point, however, I started using the cleveref package. Since \cref was not present in the autocompletion list, I went ahead and defined \cref{#label#. When I start typeing \cref I now get a list with one entry for every label I have. Wonderful. However, \cref can also accept more than one argument (\cref{label1,label2,label3,...}), and it would be extremely convenient if after selecting the entry corresponding to label1, I could just type a comma and invoke a list of all labels, so that I could select the next one, and so on... however, I did not find anything that came even close to that in TEXmaker. As mentioned, TEXstudio is slightly more convenient because you can right click on a label in the document structure and insert it, but this is still not very quick.

Any suggestion? Is seems such an useful feature, that I feel like I'm missing a very obvious way of doing it, in which case I apologize (but would still appreciate to know how!).

  • This is currently an open enhancement on the TeXmaker issues board. code.google.com/p/texmaker/issues/… – R. Schumacher Jul 2 '15 at 20:36
  • TeXstudio: This is not supported in the current version (2.9.4), but has already been implemented and will be available from the next release on. – Tim Hoffmann Jul 5 '15 at 11:24
  • Thanks to both of you. Goo dto know I wasn't the only one looking for this functionality! :-) – Giacomo Ciani Jul 6 '15 at 15:18
  • @Tim: I am now on TexStudio 2.11.0, but I still can't find this function, either in the program or in the documentation. Has it not been implemented yet? Are we talking about two different things? Or am I just inept at finding it? :-) – Giacomo Ciani Jun 23 '16 at 22:35
  • The completer reopens when your cursor is within a citation command and you type a comma. – Tim Hoffmann Jun 25 '16 at 16:04

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