I ran the code below in pdfLaTeX editor supplied by TeXworks. It produced a PDF in which the requested video played as desired, However, the viewer that TeXworks provides showed no video, but only the 'video should appear' text and the poster text. Moreover, the cursor appeared as a magnifying glass, which indeed caused the poster text to get bigger when clicked. Is this a bug in the TeXworks pdfLaTeX viewer? If the viewer is simply not intended to have this capability, this should be clearly stated in its documentation somewhere.

The video should appear just below.

  ]{This is the poster text}{VPlayer.swf}

The video should appear just above.
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    most pdf viewers will not show the video, I think. texdoc media9 lists some viewers that do and do not work. – David Carlisle Jul 5 '15 at 16:00
  • Currently, only two readers work: A-Reader for Win and A-Reader for OSX. Not texworks, not evince, not the embedded PDF viewers of popular web browsers. – AlexG Jul 5 '15 at 18:47

From the documentation of the media9 package (section Requirements):

Adobe Reader, version ≥ 9, but not greater than 9.4.1 on Linux; Foxit Reader (Flash, video, audio)

For TeXworks you can say that this editor is more intended to be an editor rather than a full-featured "all-PDF-features-viewer".

Update: With some luck, you'll find Okular (on Linux) opening some media types too.

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