I have been searching stackexchange aswell as the pgfplots and pdfplotstable documentation. My problem is that when i read into the data from a *.txt file and I select the columns and rows i want to plot only the data points get plotted and no line between them. However I would like to see lines between the points in since without the lines the plot becomes very confusing.

Thats my testcode:

\begin{tikzpicture}[scale=1.5] \begin{axis}
\addplot+[smooth] coordinates {(0,0) (250,5) (800,25)};
\addplot+[smooth] table[x index=0, y index=3, skip first n={15}, each nth point={16}] {data/increasing_release/addition_512_cputimings/inline.txt};

and that is the corresponding output - as you can see lines with plain coordinates work but not with my table:

PGFPlot output

Thanks a lot for your help.


Here is a simpler example that shows my problem:




% Style to select only points from #1 to #2 (inclusive)
\pgfplotsset{select coords between index/.style 2 args={
    x filter/.code={

 X    Y
0    0      %  0 left out
100    20      %  1 plotted
200    25      %  2 plotted
300  27.5   %  3 plotted
 400    30      %  4 plotted
 500  32   %  5 plotted
 10    10      %  6 left out
 20    40      %  7 left out
 30    90      %  8 left out

        \addplot [select coords between index={1}{5}] table {data.txt};
        \addplot table[x index=0, y index=3, skip first n={15}, each nth point={16}] {data/increasing_release/addition_512_cputimings/inline.txt};


And the corresponding output: Dotted Output

Maybe my datafile is formatted wrong? I uploaded my data file here: data file

  • That shouldn't happen. Can you make a small file that only has this TikZ picture and paste it here while keeping the same result. You might have other options interfering though I can't think of one. – percusse Jul 6 '15 at 7:46

Finally I found the error. Inside my data files were empty lines in order to make it easier to understand for me. However this resulted in a jumping behaviour. Since between each of my data points (I used "each nth point" as well) was such a jump only the vertices got plotted. In order to avoid this behaviour I had to set: /pgfplots/empty line=none for \addplot[]

The explanation can be found on Page 44 in the pgfplots documentation.

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