Regarding to question of voduchoangvu from Create a color box?, I would also like to make a box like the figure below. Can you assist me with tex code using tcolorbox as well?

Thank you so much. enter image description here


Something like that?

enter image description here



\newtcolorbox[auto counter,number within=section]{mytheorem}[1][]{
  enhanced jigsaw,colback=white,colframe=myblue,coltitle=myblue,
  sharp corners,
  detach title,
  underlay unbroken and first={\node[below,text=white,font=\sffamily\bfseries,align=center]
    at ([xshift=-11mm,yshift=-1mm]interior.north west) {THEOREM\\\thetcbcounter};},
  breakable,pad at break=1mm,
  code={\ifdefempty{\tcbtitletext}{}{\tcbset{before upper={\tcbtitle\par\medskip}}}},


\section{Test section}

\begin{mytheorem}[title=Normal Sampling Distributions]




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