I want to make a glossary in LaTeX. I use the "glossaries" package, which is defined in the following package:

\usepackage[acronym, nomain]{glossaries}

I defined the following glossary in my LaTeX code.


\newacronym{POC}{Proof of concept}{Basisimplementatie om aan te tonen dat de voorgestelde oplossing in de praktijk te gebruiken is.}
\newglossaryentry{Open source}{name={Open Source},
    description={Programmacode die toegankelijk is voor iedereen. Iedereen kan vrij deze code gebruiken, aanpassen, kopiëren,...}

But when I compile my file to a PDFLaTeX, I get following error:

! File ended while scanning use of \newglossaryentry.

My PDF won't be generated.

  • Not related to your error but did you know that the nomain option will get rid of the main glossary? This means that your entry defined using \newglossaryentry will go in the list of acronyms. Jul 8 '15 at 10:21

There is a } missing at the end of the line starting with description=


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