How node text can be positioned at exact center in the following piece of code?

\draw[dashed] (4.1,5.1) -- (6.1,3.1) node[above=1mm,rotate=-45] {$x$};

I want x to appear exactly above and at the center of the line.


Do you mean something like this: enter image description here


\draw[dashed] (4.1,5.1) -- node[above=1mm,sloped] {$x$} (6.1,3.1) ;

To my taste the x is to far from line. I would omit additional distance at above.

The same results you can achieved with:

  • \draw[dashed] (4.1,5.1) to node[above,sloped] {$x$} (6.1,3.1);
  • \draw[dashed] (4.1,5.1) -- (6.1,3.1) node[pos=0.5,above,sloped] {$x$};
  • \draw[dashed] (4.1,5.1) -- (6.1,3.1) node[midway,above,sloped] {$x$};

Option `sloped´ automatically rotate text such that it align with line slope.

  • You could mention \draw[dashed] (4.1,5.1) -- (6.1,3.1) node[above=1mm,sloped,pos=0.5] {$x$}; as a second option. – Torbjørn T. Jul 8 '15 at 21:08
  • Y@TorbjørnT, yes, you have right. The same can be also achieved width midway option. I will edit my answer. – Zarko Jul 8 '15 at 21:11

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