After reading an article by Grätzer in the current AMS-Notices on the STIX fonts, I wanted to use one of the math symbols in the article I am currently writing.

In perfect naivety I did what was suggested: I put the line \RequirePackage{stix} as the first line in the doc.

OK, you already know what happened: The article had no resemblance to its former shape anymore and had become completely unreadable.

Here my scenario: I want to use only some selected math symbols of the STIX fonts and otherwise maintain everything else as before. What it the best way to proceed?

What I want are only the delimiters \lbrbrak and \rbrbrak from STIX.

What I get and what I want

%\DeclareSymbolFont{largesymbols} {LS1}{stixsf}{m} {n}
%\DeclareMathDelimiter{\lbrbrak} {\mathrel}{largesymbols}{"EE}{largesymbols}{"EE}
%\DeclareMathDelimiter{\rbrbrak} {\mathrel}{largesymbols}{"EF}{largesymbols}{"EF}
        \newbrak{k}{m}  = 
        (m n)! \, \frac{\Omega_{k}(z)}{\Omega_{m}(z)}

This script works. The lines beginning with 'Declare...' try to mimic the answer of David below. However out-commenting the first line and un-commenting the 'Declare..' lines leads to the error 'Insufficient extension fonts.' What did I do wrong?


Here's how to add the requested symbols. You don't have correctly identified the required fonts and symbols.

Look for \lbrbrak in stix.sty, to find

\stix@MathDelimiter{\lbrbrak}   {\mathopen} {largesymbols}{"EE}{largesymbols}{"14}
\stix@MathDelimiter{\rbrbrak}   {\mathclose}{largesymbols}{"EF}{largesymbols}{"15}

Thus we need to see what font largesymbols refers to:

\DeclareSymbolFont{largesymbols}  {LS2}{stixex}   {m} {n}

OK, now we need LS2:


Next we have to choose a different symbolic name for the math font and put the pieces together (in reverse order).





\lbrbrak x\rbrbrak,\quad
\bigl\lbrbrak x\bigr\rbrbrak,\quad
\newbrak{k}{m}  = (m n)! \, \frac{\Omega_{k}(z)}{\Omega_{m}(z)}


enter image description here

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You can just look in stix.sty and extract the definition for any character:

enter image description here


\DeclareSymbolFont{arrows1}       {LS1}{stixsf}   {m} {n}
\DeclareMathDelimiter{\DDownarrow} {\mathrel}{arrows1}{"FF}{arrows1}{"FF}


\[\alpha + \sum x_i \DDownarrow \phi \]

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