I'm using \lim_{\substack{n\to\infty\\t_n\to t}} to put two things under a limit.

But ideally I'd like the arrows to be directly underneath each other.

Can this be done?

(Something on the lines of using & in \begin{align} \end{align}).

  • You could use an whole aligned environment as subscript to the \lim macro, but the spacings are not really nice
    – user31729
    Commented Jul 10, 2015 at 11:16

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\substack is based on subarray which can be modified as follows:

Sample output


  \Let@ \restore@math@cr \default@tag
  \baselineskip\fontdimen10 \scriptfont\tw@
  \advance\baselineskip\fontdimen12 \scriptfont\tw@
  \lineskip\thr@@\fontdimen8 \scriptfont\thr@@

  \lim_{\begin{subxarray}n&\to\infty\\t_n&\to t\end{subxarray}} X_{n}(t_n).

\lim_{\alignShortunderstack{n\to&\infty\\t_n\to&t}} X_n(t_n)

enter image description here

By modifying the preamble to include


the interstack gap is reduced from 3pt to 2pt and the limit is set in \scriptstyle:

enter image description here

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