I am trying to get emacs, auctex and evince working together on Cygwin. The forward search works, but not the reverse search (Evince->Emacs). I tried in vain to find out if the emacs bundled with cygwin supports dbus to begin with, and the only semblance of answer was a discussion 5 years ago.

Is it even possible to get these working together?

On a side note, the Evince window does not allow itself to be resized at all.

My system is Windows 7 Home Professional, all cygwin (32 bit) packages have been updated to the latest version as of today. Therefore emacs is 24.5, auctex 11.88, and evince is 3.14.2. All dbus-related packages have been installed on cygwin and are up to date.


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    Dbus does not work well with Emacs on windows. Is Evince a must? If not, you could give Sumatra PDF a try. Forward/inverse search both work. – Arash Esbati Jul 10 '15 at 14:52
  • Thanks, I got the setup working with a dvi viewer---will try sumatra pdf. I already have sumatra on my system, will try to get it going. – Pr-San Jan 19 '17 at 2:55

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