I would like to use tex4ht to convert a LaTeX document to an electronic book format, but rather than MathJaX or MathML, I want all math-mode code to be dumped into the html output between identifying tags. That is, I would like $\alpha$ to appear in the output as $\alpha$, ( \beta ) as $\beta$,

   E = mc^2

to appear in the html with the appropriate formatting for the equation number, but the mathematical expression to appear between tags (or some such). In short, I would like tex4ht to take care of formatting into HTML everything in the document except the mathematics, which I will handle separately in a script I run on the html output file.

I found the code


which seems to do what I want, and I was able to generalize to handle $$. However, I'm having no luck with \( \) and \[ \] blocks, or with environments such as equation, equation*, etc. I suspect that if I saw how to do these four, the rest would follow fairly easily.

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