I found two symbols for the disjoint union. One is the union with a dot and I can do it. The other possibility is to put a small 'D' inside the union and this is what I don't find in any list of symbols I've checked. Could some one help me with this??Thank you so much!

  • Welcome! Why not use the one with the dot? – cfr Jul 10 '15 at 21:57
  • And why not use $\coprod$ or $\bigsqcup$ or $\amalg$? – Bernard Jul 10 '15 at 22:10

A case for \ooalign. I provide two variants, in the first one, the D is in math mode; in the second one it is in sans-serif text-mode font (I like this one). The example code shows the symbol for all math styles:

enter image description here

The code:


    {\ooalign{$\displaystyle\bigcup$\cr\hss\scalebox{.65}{\raisebox{0.45ex}{\sffamily D}}\hss}}
    {\ooalign{$\textstyle\bigcup$\cr\hss\scalebox{.9}{\raisebox{0.5ex}{\tiny\sffamily D}}\hss}}
    {\ooalign{$\scriptstyle\bigcup$\cr\hss\scalebox{.45}{\raisebox{0.3ex}{\sffamily D}}\hss}}
    {\ooalign{$\scriptscriptstyle\bigcup$\cr\hss\scalebox{.38}{\raisebox{0.3ex}{\sffamily D}}\hss}}


$A\DUnion B\quad
{\displaystyle A\DUnion B}\quad
L_{A\DUnion B}\quad
M_{L_{A\DUnion B}}$

$A\Dunion B\quad
{\displaystyle A\Dunion B}\quad
L_{A\Dunion B}\quad
M_{L_{A\Dunion B}}$

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    Are you sure about using \bigcup as a binary operator? – egreg Jul 11 '15 at 7:23

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