I am using just one glossary in my document. I'd like to substitute its name "Glossary" with "List of Symbols".

I know I can create a new glossary and name it "List of Symbols" using

\newglossary{symbols}{sym}{sbl}{List of Symbols}

but this would force me to write type=symbols in every \newglossaryentry.

Is it possible to just change the name of the main (and sole) glossary or set symbols as the main glossary?

\printglossary[title={List of Symbols}]
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    That would be great if my glossary was printed like that... It's not. It's inside a weird list of stuff to the front matter and I cannot seem to acess it. Is there any other way to change the title? Maybe by renewing some command?
    – gota
    Jun 27 '19 at 19:24

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