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TeX Code




  \coordinate (A) at (0, 0);
  \coordinate (B) at (2, 3);

  \node[draw,minimum width=10mm] at (A) {};
  \node[draw,minimum width=10mm] at (B) {};


How such path can be drawn using Tikz?


you can make a temporary relative node and use orthogonal identifiers


  \node[draw,minimum width=10mm] (A) at (0, 0) {};
  \node[draw,minimum width=10mm] (B) at (2, 3) {};

\draw[->] (A) |- ++(1,-1) |- (B);

enter image description here

or use paths.ortho library of our qrrbrbirlbel but I don't know the latest status of it. I remember him saying about incompatibility somewhere.

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