Hi I am writing my resume in Latex. In "Professional service" section, I wish to list journals I refereed papers to. And I wish to do something like the following template.

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It seems that the names of journals are put in a table and as items. Could any one let me know how to achieve this? Thanks.


Another minor issue is that in the picture, we see the line "refereed articles for ..." and the line right below has a large blank space. Is there a way to remove that? Obviously we wish to save space in a resume.


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    Well, the first thing to realize is that isn't a table -- it's a two-column list :) after that, it's pretty easy to find multicol from a google search. – Sean Allred Jul 14 '15 at 22:07
  • It can be done with tabularx or with tasks or with shortlst. – Bernard Jul 14 '15 at 22:11

What you want is a two-column list, not a table. Use multicol:


\section{Professional Service}
Refereed articles for the following journals:
  \item The Journal of the American Statistical Association
  \item Genetic Epidemiology
  \item The American Statistician
  \item Journal of Machine Learning Research
  \item PLoS ONE
  \item Statistics in Medicine
  \item Frontiers in Genetics 
  \item Journal of Multivariate Analysis
  \item Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
  \item Journal of Translated Medicine
  \item Annals of Statistics
  \item Statistical Papers


  • Thanks. How can i remove the large blank space between the line "Refereed articles for ..." and the line right below? I wish to save space for resume. – SixSigma Jul 15 '15 at 14:42
  • Check out the enumitem package. There are plenty of questions on this site that deal with vertical space when just dealing with itemize et al. Since this is wrapped in multicols, you should use the optional argument to that environment: \begin{multicols}{2}[Refereed articles for the following journals:]. If all else fails, you can use \vspace. – Sean Allred Jul 15 '15 at 15:13

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