When citing a paper I want output to be like this: Ryan [1999] OR (Chen, Liu, and Ryan [2008],Cheng, Dhaliwal, and Neamtiu [2011]). In other words, I need year to be in brackets.

However what I get is: Ryan (1999) OR (Chen, Liu, and Ryan 2008,Cheng, Dhaliwal, and Neamtiu 2011)

I'm specifically referring to in=text citation.

Here is my code:

\setcitestyle{authoryear, open={(},close={)},citesep={,},aysep=}

\usepackage{bigcenter} % pour centrer les grands tableaux

\subfigtopskip = 20pt
\newcolumntype{R}[1]{>{\raggedleft\arraybackslash }b{#1}}
\newcolumntype{L}[1]{>{\raggedright\arraybackslash }b{#1}}
\newcolumntype{C}[1]{>{\centering\arraybackslash }b{#1}}


\interfootnotelinepenalty=10000 % prevents footnotes to be placed on two pages

\hyphenpenalty=5000 % Discourage hyphenation


  Something is written here \citep*{chen2008characteristics,    
   cheng2011asset}. \citet*{ryan2007financial} says something here.




I played with \setcitestyle but I can only get the opening bracket, I can't get the closing bracket for year. Also, it does not look pretty. I think I need to play with my sty file but I can't figure out what to change.


I would suggest that you replace the instructions

\setcitestyle{authoryear, open={(},close={)},citesep={,},aysep=}


  • Unfortunately, that's not what I need. Your suggestion changes the parentheses to brackets for all citations. I'm not trying to change that. I'm trying to surround year with brackets. Here is what I get if I follow your suggestion [Chen, Liu, and Ryan 2008, Cheng, Dhaliwal, and Neamtiu 2011]. What I need is (Chen, Liu, and Ryan [2008], Cheng, Dhaliwal, and Neamtiu [2011]).
    – Seda
    Jul 16 '15 at 14:00
  • @Seda - It looks like you're mis-using the \citep instruction. Please change the citation command from \citep*{chen2008characteristics,cheng2011asset} to (\citet*{chen2008characteristics,cheng2011asset}).
    – Mico
    Jul 16 '15 at 14:40
  • OMG, this is brilliant. I spent an entire day to find a solution and can't believe I missed the obvious. Thank you so much!
    – Seda
    Jul 16 '15 at 19:02

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