The journal I am submitting to requires a total word count on the title page. My question is more like an extension to Greg's previous question. The journal states that a table/figure is counted as 250 words, and the total word count -- which is essentially word count + figure count * 250 + table count * 250 -- cannot exceed a certain number.

From Greg's solution, I was able to print the three counts using texcount and totcount:

    \immediate\write18{texcount -sum -1 \jobname.tex > count.txt} \input{count.txt}}
    \regtotcounter{table}   %count tables
    \regtotcounter{figure}  %count figures

Word Count: \wordcount words + \total{figure} figure(s) + \total{table} table(s) = ?? words

My question is, in LaTeX, how do I calculate the total word count (??) using the three counts and print it on my title page?

PS. I am new to LaTeX (and TeX.SX) so any help is highly appreciated!

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Use \numexpr and other commands to calculate the multiplication.

However, just inputing count.txt does not make the number available for computation. I stored the number to a counter instead.

The command \totalwordcount computes the number of words from the \wordcount command and adds the table/figure word amount then, finally the counter value is printed. Afterwards the command is redefined to provide only the counter value, no computations are done in the end.




  \immediate\write18{texcount -sum -1 \jobname.tex > count.txt}%
  \read\somefile to \@@localdummy%
  \@@localdummy%   print only if not starred version

\regtotcounter{table}   %count tables
\regtotcounter{figure}  %count figures


\wordcount*% Just get the number, don't print it
\addtocounter{totalwordcounter}{\numexpr\numberofwordsthejournalthinksforatable*\totvalue{table}} % 
\number\value{totalwordcounter}% Output the number: Do not use \thetotalwordcounter here!
\renewcommand{\totalwordcount}{\number\value{totalwordcounter}}% Prevent the call again, otherwise the figure/table counter would be added again. 


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam lobortis facilisis sem % 12 words

Word Count: \wordcount words + \total{figure} figure(s) + \total{table} table(s) = \totalwordcount~words


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