I am writing a response letter response.tex to an academic paper review. In my response letter, I want to reference specific pages in the revised paper paper.tex, e.g. "see page 12 of the revised version of the manuscript". Note that the text appears in response.tex but the reference is to page 12 of the compiled paper.tex.

Is it possible to cross-reference page numbers from another LaTeX document?

If not, are there any workarounds so that I do not have to manually cross-reference page numbers by hand?

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Have a look at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/xr , quote

The pack­age pro­vides a means of cre­at­ing ref­er­ences to la­bels in an­other file (say, oth­er­file.tex) by read­ing that file's aux­il­iary in­for­ma­tion from LaTeX pro­cess­ing (oth­er­file.aux). This is achieved by the \ex­ter­nal­doc­u­ment com­mand, which also per­mits “re­la­belling” all of the ex­ter­nal file with a pre­fix for all of its la­bels.

This actually does work (i use it for supplementary material), please read the package's documentation for further guidance


If I understand it correctly, you want to have the text page 12 and not the hyperlink to the other document. However, I added information on clickable links at the end.

Reference text

You could input the .aux file from paper.tex with


and simply use the references in response.tex as usual.

Clickable links with hyperref

Using the package hyperref in both documents, you can also generate clickable links: Put

\hyperdef{<category>}{<name>}{<text>} %% text and category are optional

in paper.tex and


in response.tex.

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