I would like to find out whether it is at all possible to patch bibunits to mimic bibtopic functionality (i.e. multiple and filterable bibliography commands)

I think there might be a way to duplicate \putbib if I can apply a filter on

        \immediate\openout\@bibunitaux bu.aux

The reason this is so complex/difficult to solve is the the large sweeping document structure:

  • In the preface of the document, there is a list of publications (this used to be a bibunit, but now it has to be broken into journal papers and abstracts) so bibunit so this requirement is why I started looking into bibtopics, but I have also opened a parallel question here (Can I patch bibunits \putbib so that I can generate seperate groups of references?) incase it is more practical to reprogram \putbib.
  • The first part is its own IEEE bibunit (chapter level bibliography).
  • The second part is it's own IEEE bibunit (section level bibliography - chapter free part).
  • Part three has two bibunits (one per each chapter) and the second bibunit requires a custom citation style and bst file that I wrote myself by merging nature and IEEE bst files. It is this uniquely styled and presented chapter that prevents me from using biblatex and refsections.
  • The last part has it's own bibunit (chapter level)

I can't use the structure below because it won't allow me to use IEEE ordering, it can't by definition.

I have read through the package documentation and I would hope that I could redefine a new command based on putbib to work with restrictions, similar to maybe splitbib (which is incompatible with bibunits).

enter image description here




    Let’s cite all the journal papers \cite{A, B}; and abstracts: \cite{C, D}.
        \section*{References from journals}

        \section*{Abstracts from conferences}


    \section{2 test}
    Let’s cite all the journal papers \cite{A, B}; and abstracts:   \cite{C, D}.

        \section*{All references}

  • Again, Biblatex/Biber would make this much easier... refsection, refsegment, filters to sort by keyword, by category, by type, customised and combined bibliography filters.... – cfr Jul 21 '15 at 2:56
  • @cfr The only thing holding me back is mixing bibliography citation styles. Customized versions of IEEE and nature mixed with IEEE. Can't seem to determine whether I can set this at the refsection level and if I will be able to customize the bibliography grammar with biblatex. I have been using bibunits so far because each bibunit can be passed in [] a bst file. – EngBIRD Jul 21 '15 at 2:58

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