How can I include the .bib file in the latex file. I have tried:


Opened a new file whose chapter heading is Reference as:


This is not showing any results included in the Ref.bib file in bibtex. I have used Jabref to create a .bib file.


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You also need to add citations to the items in your bibliography. If you want every citation from Ref.bib included, use \nocite{*} right before the \bibliography line.

Also there is no need for the line \chapter{Reference}. By default, a new chapter will be created for the bibliography anyway. By default, that chapter will be named "Bibliography". If you want it named "Reference" or something else, then use \renewcommand{\bibname}{Reference} in the preamble.


I’m not sure what your problem is.

If you want to create a bibliography it is not enaugh to inclued the bib-file you also need to run (pdf)latex - biblatex - (pdf)latex maby more than one time. See any better beginners guide for more information or consult Google. If you just want to add the bibliography heading to the ToC use \addcontentsline{toc}{<sectin/chapter/…>}{References} or use a KOMA-Script (e. g. class scrreprt instead of report) and its bibliography=totoc-option, see the manual for more information.


@Reshma: You seem to have a couple of typos in your example file -- the commands should be bibliographystyle{plainnat} and \bibliography{ref}. (You have bibilography both times.) Note that you do not need to create a separate chapter before starting in the bibliography: LaTeX will do this for you when it encounters the command \bibliography{ref} -- assuming that the bib file is called ref.bib, of course.

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