Does somebody know a document class like cd to create cd covers where:

a) I can add a logo to the CD cover text and

b) the output is not a4 (or so) but the exact size to fit a CD cover.

I tried to get a working CD cover with this template but do not manage to add a logo via includegraphics to the front page nor to get an output size fitting into a standard CD cover without having it to adjust with scissors after printing.


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Here's a simlpe little example using cd-cover:


{\LARGE \LaTeX3}\par\bigskip

The result:

enter image description here

Does this qualify as beautiful? I wouldn't know but you can beautify it as much as you want to.

  • I wonder how much effort would be needed to create a track listing. Oct 28, 2023 at 23:56

It is not a documentsclass, but also very viable: the papercdcase package. It's beautiful because it's foldable ;)





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