I am trying to define some LaTeX commands/environments to handle the raw text in an Rnw file (R + LaTeX document compiled with R package knitr). The goal is to allow someone to rename a .Rnw file to a .tex file and be able to compile the document so that LaTeX puts placeholders for the code chunks. It is a different approach to the root problem discussed in How to export changes from a .tex file back to the source .Rnw file.

There are two things that need to happen: \Sexpr{} needs to be redefined and the code block sequence

<< chunk-name, option1 = TRUE, option2 = FALSE, ...>>=
... R code ...

Needs to be redefined. Redefining \Sexpr{} was easy:


However, I am struggling with how to define a control sequence (expansion?) to process <<chunk name, options>>R code@.

Technically, I can skip over all the errors and end up with a LaTeX document that has the code chunks as plain text. I can accept this, but it would be better to output a placeholder, e.g. a box containing the chunk name but definitely not the R code.

EDIT This looks to be in the right direction, but I'm having trouble understanding what is going on: https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/80370/82573

EDIT EDIT So actually the main issue seems to be that underscores _ in R code (such as in function names) are what actually cause the errors, so some way to ignore the code or wrap it in a verbatim environment is needed.

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