I was wondering if it was possible to make a poster with the following lay-out (this was made in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, but I've had a hard time with images and dragging everything everywhere so I'd like to make it in LaTeX).

Could anyone help me in any way to do this? Thank you very much.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I have heard of a beamer, but I have no clue on how to make the yellow frame and the blue frame around the text in the blocks.


I managed to do something with mdframed and put it like this in the beamer style:

\setbeamertemplate{block begin}{\vskip.75ex\begin{beamercolorbox}ht=5ex,dp=0.5ex,center,leftskip=-1em,colsep*=.75ex]{block title}%\usebeamerfont*{block title}%{\phantom{Gg}\Large\insertblocktitle}\end{beamercolorbox}{\ifbeamercolorempty[bg]{block body}{}{\nointerlineskip\vskip-0.5pt}}\usebeamerfont{block body}\begin{mdframed}linewidth=1.7mm,linecolor=ugentblauw,leftmargin=-.30cm,rightmargin=+.58cm,skipabove=-60cm]\begin{beamercolorbox}[leftskip=1em,colsep*=.75ex,sep=0.5ex,vmode]{block body}   \ifbeamercolorempty[bg]{block body}{\vskip-.25ex}{\vskip-.75ex}\vbox{}}\setbeamertemplate{block end}{\end{beamercolorbox}\end{mdframed}}

Yet, this gives me the following result: enter image description here

Leaving ugly and very thin lines at the left. Any way to fix it?


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Personally I like the baposter class ( http://www.brian-amberg.de/uni/poster/ ) . It's somewhat limited and I usually end up hacking horribly, but boxes like that are precisely in the scope of that class

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