I get the error:

! Package hyperref Error: This color specification is not supported
(hyperref)                without package `xcolor' in
(hyperref)                `linkbordercolor=111'.

See the hyperref package documentation for explanation.

I installed it from http://www.ukern.de/tex/xcolor.html under the location:


And put the .pro file under:


Still getting the error. Any clues?



Usually, you will have to run some kind of filename database update in order to make the files known and quickly searchable to the TEX system


Short: To update your TEXMF database run texhash.


I would always install packages from CTAN, e.g. http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/xcolor, in the case of xcolor, but the author's website is of course also fine.

The README file contains installation instructions:

Installation instructions

Extract all package files:
  `latex xcolor.ins'

Put the generated files to their respective locations
within the TeX installation:
  *.sty -> /tex/latex/xcolor/
  *.def -> /tex/latex/xcolor/
  *.pro -> /dvips/xcolor/

Create the documentation:
  `latex xcolor.dtx'
  `latex xcolor.dtx'
  `makeindex -s gind.ist xcolor.idx'
  `latex xcolor.dtx'
  `latex xcolor.dtx'

Run the test files (N=1,2,...):
  `latex xcolorN.tex'
  `latex xcolorN.tex'

However, TeX Live comes with a package manager called tlmgr (not included in the version delivered by Ubuntu or Debian). With this manager you can install xcolor simply using:

tlmgr install xcolor

Which will update the database as well. Note that you can update all installed packages using:

tlmgr update --self --all

I personally would simply install the full TeX Live (if you have the HD space of ~2.5GB) using:

tlmgr install scheme-full

Then you don't have these issue any longer.

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I suppose you have set the color as

linkbordercolor=1 1 1

try it this way:

linkbordercolor={1 1 1}
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  • Hat tip. I was using a reputable template, tisk tisk. – Aram Kocharyan Aug 15 '11 at 7:26
  • 1
    @Aram: If linkbordercolor is used as package option all spaces will be removed. Using \hypersetup{..} instead afterwards is more recommended. – Martin Scharrer Aug 15 '11 at 7:28

I had a similar problem and it turns out I forgot to include


So despite the package being installed it was not included, thus yielding the error message.

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