I have been using the following commands in my preamble.


    \textbf{Mathematical Background \arabic{Examplecounter}}%

Then in the text I am using the following.


I also have a different type of region in the text defined by,


With figures and tables we can create lists at the front of the document by using \listof... commands. How can I get a list of these two environments at the front of the document? I am aware of this TEX post but still can not define my lists.

Many thanks for your help!


From the link I entered


Then entered the following at the start of the text.


I also tried swapping MathematicalBackground for expm. All wouldn't parse, so I am definitely doing something very wrong here.

  • Although a duplicate question I still can not manage to generate a list of both environments from the information in the linked question. – AngusTheMan Jul 27 '15 at 13:41
  • In that case it would greatly help us if you showed what you tried and explained what in the link did not work as expected. A full MWE would then greatly improve our chances of understanding your problem. – moewe Jul 27 '15 at 14:17

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