I am trying to build interactive plots using package pgfplots. I have downloaded from the package page some of the examples with the clickable option, I have compiled them with pdflatex but I have problems when opening the pdf file with Adobe reader DC. For example, compiling example_9.tex (http://pgfplots.sourceforge.net/example_9.tex), when I click on any of the points in the pdf file, the graph becomes all blue and nothing else happens. I have tried to open the file with a previous version of Adobe Reader (XI) and it all works fine. In the Adobe Reader DC console for Javascript debug, I have these errors:

    SyntaxError: super is a reserved identifier
    217:Document-Level:01 pgfplots Clickable Plot Code

when I open the file and

    ReferenceError: axisMouseDown is not defined
    1:Field:Mouse Down
    ReferenceError: axisMouseUp is not defined
    1:Field:Mouse Up

when I click on any of the points on the graph. Does someone have any idea to solve this problem?

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The issue is due to an incompatibility in the document level javascript code generated by the clickable lib. I resolved and repaired it; the issue will be gone in future versions.

The only workaround appears to be

  • decompress the resulting pdf files
  • replace the string super in the argument list of function PGFPlotsClassExtend by something else (for example supre which has the same string length).

This has not been tested, though.

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