I'm trying to use minted with texmaker. The weird thing is, that it works, when I invoke

pdflatex --shell-escape testfile

in the system shell, but not from texmaker, though Options -> Configure TeXmaker | PdfLaTeX says

"/usr/texbin/pdflatex" -synctex=1 -shell-escape -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

Main difference in the logs:

From shell


is called.

texmaker tries to call


Why are different versions of pygmentize called and how can i fix this?

  • You should know why you have different versions of pygmentize. – egreg Jul 29 '15 at 23:38
  • 2
    @egreg: This comment isn't helpful at all. It doesn't matter if there are several versions installed. The question is: Why are different versions CALLED? What shell is texmaker using and why should there be a difference in $PATH. – tmartin Jul 30 '15 at 8:38
  • That depends on how you set the PATH variable. – egreg Jul 30 '15 at 9:04
  • Does /usr/local/bin/pygmentize exist or not? – ccorn Jul 16 '16 at 14:15
  • The Texmaker Changelog mentions some path-related changes. According to that, versions from 3.5.1 on allow adding directories to the system path. – ccorn Jul 16 '16 at 14:34

You could try to create a symlink as a workaround:

cd /usr/local/bin
sudo ln -s /Users/tmartin/anaconda/bin/pygmentize pygmentize

Now you have a link pygmentize within /usr/local/bin that points to ~/anaconda/bin/pygmentize. As a result, Texmaker should call the same pygmentize installation that is used in your terminal.

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