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Currently I track my abbreviations manually and put them in a page like below. I'd like to be able to define the abbreviations inside the text of my paper and then have a list of them automatically printed on a page like this:

Is that possible and if yes, how?

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\listofsymbols{ll} % Include a list of Abbreviations (a table of two columns)
\textbf{AHRS} & \textbf{A}ttitude and \textbf{H}eading \textbf{R}eference \textbf{S}ystem \\
\textbf{API} & \textbf{A}pplication \textbf{P}rogramming \textbf{I}nterface \\
\textbf{IMU} & \textbf{I}nertial \textbf{M}easurements \textbf{U}nit \\
\textbf{JSON} & \textbf{J}ava\textbf{S}cript \textbf{O}bject \textbf{N}otation \\
\textbf{VGA} & \textbf{V}ideo \textbf{G}raphics \textbf{A}rray  ($640\times480$ px)\\
\textbf{WPF} & \textbf{W}indows \textbf{P}resentation \textbf{F}oundation \\
\textbf{XAML} & E\textbf{x}tended \textbf{A}pplication \textbf{M}arkup \textbf{L}anguage \\

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This uses the acronym way of glossaries package.

Each acronym is defined using \newacronym{label}{Acronym}{Explanation} in the preamble.

The label is used for reference with \gls{label} etc.

To add all defined acronyms, use \glsaddall.

Remember to compile twice with (pdf)latex and one makeglossaries step in between.


\renewcommand{\acronymname}{List of Abbreviations}


\newacronym{ahrs}{AHRS}{\textbf{A}ttitude and \textbf{H}eading \textbf{R}eference \textbf{S}ystem} 
\newacronym{api}{\textbf{API}}{\textbf{A}pplication \textbf{P}rogramming \textbf{I}nterface}%
\newacronym{imu}{IMU}{ \textbf{I}nertial \textbf{M}easurements \textbf{U}nit}
\newacronym{json}{JSON} { \textbf{J}ava\textbf{S}cript \textbf{O}bject \textbf{N}otation}
\newacronym{vga}{VGA}{ \textbf{V}ideo \textbf{G}raphics \textbf{A}rray  ($640\times480$ px)}
\newacronym{wpf}{WPF}{ \textbf{W}indows \textbf{P}resentation \textbf{F}oundation}
\newacronym{xaml}{XAML}{ E\textbf{x}tended \textbf{A}pplication \textbf{M}arkup \textbf{L}anguage}




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