I've tried to set the default font size through the documentclass optional parameter but the font size hasn't changed. I'm using xetex with texmaker.

My document:




Absolute beginner in Latex - any help would be appreciated!

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    I don't know the ctexart class. For the font size, try such as \setCJKmainfont[Scale=1.6]{SimSun}. – Akira Kakuto Aug 3 '15 at 9:32
  • @AkiraKakuto When I do that the 8 characters span the width of an A4 page, which is the case whether [Scale=1.6] or [Scale=0.3]. Originally about 45 Chinese characters span a page, which I would like to change it to about 30. – M. Shaw Aug 3 '15 at 9:45

You cannot specify the font size like that as an option for setCJKmainfont. That's what I tried to do as well at first, but then I found this somewhere:


This uses the main font size (\setmainfont[Scale=...]{font name}) and multiplies its size to get a value for the size of the CJK font.


Note that maybe document classes don't support all font sizes. This might be the reason why the font size didn't change, when you changed that option. In such a case it defaults, usually to 10pt or 11pt, depending on the document class' settings / code.

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  • Does this change the font for headings too? – zyy May 7 at 0:21

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