I have a beamer slide with a title. On it I have a tikzpicture, which contains a molecule drawn with chemfig. Without the molecule the picture is just fine: mwe1 However, as soon as I put the molecule, this happens: enter image description here Code:


\frametitle{A tikzpicture with some molecules}
\draw[gray] (0,0) grid (15,10);
\node[anchor=west] at (4,6) {%
(?-[:130]O-[:190](-[:130,0.7]-[:50]OH)-[:-190](-[:190]O-[:-190,,,,dash pattern=on 2pt off 2pt])<[:-50](-[:-190]HO)-[:10,,,,line width=2pt]
?[b]-[:50](-[:190]HO)-[:-10](-[:50,.7]NH-[:130](=[:180,0.7]O)-[:50]CH_3)-[:10](-[:-10,,,,dash pattern=on 2pt off 2pt])<[:-130]O-[:-190,,,,line width=2pt]

Any idea?

Using Texlive via texworks on windows 7

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    The culprit part is \setcrambond{2pt}. Maybe you can check the manual of chemfig for other possibilities of loading this option.
    – LaRiFaRi
    Aug 4, 2015 at 6:37

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Indeed, the culprit was \setcrambond.

It needs the two other options, even though they are empty. \setcrambond{2pt}{}{} is the correct form (adding ; or not doesn't matter).

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