gnuplot def/.append style={prefix="subdir/\jobname1-"}, % does not work
        gnuplot/.append style={prefix="subdir/\jobname2-"}, % does not work
       \addplot[blue, samples = 100, smooth]
           gnuplot[id = exp, prefix="subdir/\jobname-", domain = 0:.05]
               {1 - exp(-\z*\w*x)/sqrt(1 - \z^2)*sin(\w*x*sqrt(1 - \z^2) + 1/cos(\z))};
       \addplot[blue, samples = 100, smooth]
           gnuplot[id = exp, domain = 0:.05]
               {1 - exp(-\z*\w*x)/sqrt(1 - \z^2)*sin(\w*x*sqrt(1 - \z^2) + 1/cos(\z))};

The prefix setting works when specified within the \addplot gnuplot[prefix=] command. However, I could not figure out to set this for all \addplot gnuplot commands.

Most likely following closed question asks the same: TikZ and Gnuplot: Put all *.gunplot and *.table in a customized folder

Relevant question: bodegraph on Ubuntu 10.04

Afaik, the subfolder has to be created manually.

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Ok, that wasn't too complicated:

Putting following into the preamble does it:


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