I've added three spell checkers to my TeXworks installation, and TeXworks has no problems finding them. But when I'm typing my .tex document, the spell checker doesn't do anything, even though the spell checker is activated (see picture below). How can I fix this?

Note, this is not a problem with the OS (Windows 7), because spell checkers work fine in other programs.

enter image description here


(1) Judging by later questions asked by other people (https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/283569/in-texworks-spell-check-is-not-working), this is not an issue unique to me.

(2) The issue still persists for me today on a different computer with Windows 7 and the latest versions of texlive and TeXworks.

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As of version 0.6 you should have no problem with spell checking anymore (see release notes). It should be fixed in all recent distributions (whether on Linux or Windows or ...).

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