I am using multiple refsections in my document and I need to sort the respective bibliographies differently. E.g., let's say I want one refsection to be as


and another refsection as


I can set this individually in the preamble and one of the two sections works as expected, and the other one is (obviously) not as wanted. Currentl I stitch the PDF together from two runs of either sorting and using the appropriate pages from either PDF to create a new one.

The bib latex manual seems to indicate that the sorting option can only be changed by the package option. Nevertheless, I was wondering if it was somehow possible to bypass this and to change(fudge?) the sorting some point in the manuscript?

I am using LuaLaTeX and biber (most current versions from MacTeX, e.g., biblatex 3.0). All hints are welcome.

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You can use a refcontext:






enter image description here

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