I'm writing a project in Spanish and I've noticed that when using the @MASTERTHESIS entry for BibTeX the output is typeset as "Master's thesis"; I'd like it to be "Tesis de Maestría", which is the proper name in Spanish.

I tried using the babelbib package but when typesetting I get "Tesis de Licenciatura" which is not what I want, so basically I need the same if I use this package, namely:

Is there a way to change the typeset name of the entry type for just one article/book without having to edit the .bst file?

Please help. Thank you!

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    have you had a look into babelbib? This is what it does: \def\btxmastthesis##1{\protect\foreignlanguage{#1}{Tesis de Licenciatura}}% (You probably would have to redefine the whole bibsspanish command, but you get the gist) – Bort Aug 5 '15 at 21:34

The field type is just for this. Put in your entry

type = {Tesis de Maestría},

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