For some reason some conference sometimes use page numbers in their proceedings, and on other years "article numbers" are used.

So when I cite one of the latter kind, I would like to remove "pages xx--yy" and replace it with something like "article no. z" in the rendering of my @inproceedings item.

Of course using number doesn't seem to work, as it is formatted as an issue number, pretty much in the same way as in a @article item. That is confirmed by the .blg file:

Warning--there's a number but no series in Bougeret2011

I use the sig-alternate style, hence we get:


    author = {Casas, Marc and de Supinski, Bronis and Bronevetsky, Greg and Schulz, Martin},
    title = {Fault Resilience of the Algebraic Multi-grid Solver},
    booktitle = {ICS},
    isbn = {978-1-4503-1316-2},
    doi = {10.1145/2304576.2304590},
    year = {2012},
    pages = {91--100},

    author = {Bougeret, Marin and Casanova, Henri and Rabie, Mikael and Robert, Yves and Vivien, Frédéric},
    title = {Checkpointing strategies for parallel jobs},
    booktitle = {SC},
    isbn = {978-1-4503-0771-0},
    doi = {10.1145/2063384.2063428},
    year = {2011},
    number = {1}, 
} % ^^^^^^ what should there be instead of 'number' here ?


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I ended up forking abbrv.bst to add articleno to the ENTRY list, and modify the pages function as follows:

FUNCTION {format.pages}
{ pages empty$
    { articleno empty$
        { "" }
        { "article no." articleno tie.or.space.connect }
    { pages multi.page.check
        { "pages" pages n.dashify tie.or.space.connect }
        { "page" pages tie.or.space.connect }

Now I can use articleno = {1} in my .bib file.

Of course, when format.pages is conditionally called in the new .bst file, a pages empty$ should probably be replaced by a pages empty$ articleno empty$ and, for items where it makes sense.

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