My thesis is too big (540 pages) for one volume impression, so I need to separate my appendices from the main thesis text.

But I want only one pdf file with the two main titles: one for the thesis and one for the appendix page, with the appendix page numbering restart to 0.

Is this possible with memoir class?

Volume 1:

  • A page with Title of the thesis

  • Toc

  • Thesis content (chapter 1 .. n) page 0 .. 450

  • Bibliography

Volume 2:

  • A page with Title : "Appendices to the thesis ... "

  • my Appendix A - p 0 ... 15

  • my Appendix B - p 15 ... 30

    % !TEX encoding =  UTF-8 Unicode
    % -*- program: xelatex -*-
    \documentclass[a4paper, 11pt,twoside, openright]{memoir}
    \usepackage{mwe} % just for dummy images
    \title{My Thesis title}
    \author{Sébastien R}
    \newcommand{\polimi}{Université Panthéon-Sorbonne\xspace}
    \newcommand{\dei}{Ecole Doctorale de Géographie de Paris\xspace}
    % titles:
     My thesis
        \textbf{Directrice :}\\
        director \\[.3cm]
        \textbf{Co-directrice :}\\
        co director\\[.3cm]
       Membres du Jury:\\
         \begin{tabular}{ r l }
        \textbf{Rapporteur  :}& rapporteur 2 \\
        \textbf{Rapporteur  :}& rapporteur 1 \\
    \preauthor{\begin{flushright}Thèse de doctorat de:\\\bfseries}
    \chapter{my first chapter}
    \chapter{my second chapter}
    \chapter{my first appendix}
    \chapter{my second appendix}

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In general:

To reset arabic pagenumbering use \pagenumbering{arabic} which sets the next page number to 1.

To set the pagenumber to 0 use \setcounter{page}{0}

So for your case try:

end of volume 1
start of volume 2

I think that starting your second volume with page number 0 will strike the reader as unusual, particularly if the document is printed two-sided and the even numbered pages appear on the right and the odd ones on the left.

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