I am trying to cite two references with the llncs style, but the second comes up as a "?". Any ideas?


\cite{her1, her2}


And in paper.bib:

@article {her1,
    title = {Generating structured music for bagana using quality metrics based on Markov models},
    journal = {Expert Systems With Applications},
    volume = {in press},
    year = {2015},
    author = {D. Herremans and S. Weisser and K. S{\"o}rensen and D. Conklin}
article {her2,
    title = {Classification and generation of composer-specific music using global feature models and variable neighborhood search},
    journal = {Computer Music Journal},
    volume = {in press},
    year = {2015},
    author = {D. Herremans and K. S{\"o}rensen and David Martens}

Comes up as: [1,?] (both references separately do work)

Is there another command I should use?


This work when you add

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    I think it also works if you do not use a space after comma in cite. \cite{her1,her2} – jpv Sep 8 '15 at 10:56

It seems that LNCS is misinterpreting any blank space inside the \cite{ } command as part of the reference. According to this, neither \cite{ her1 } is working.

The correct way of doing it is removing all blank spaces from the citation, like in

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