I have the following bibtex entry:

  author =   {G. Ziegenhals},
  title =    {{U}ntersuchungen zur {W}irkung eines {A}lternativgriffes c2 bei {O}boen},
  institution =  {IfM - Institut für Musikinstrumentenbau e.V.},
  year =     {2015},
  number =   {IfM M 285/2015 - Fassung 2},
  address =      {IfM - Institut für Musikinstrumentenbau e.V. 
Klingenthaler Stra\ss{}e 42 08267 Klingenthal},
  month =    {6}

Bibtex complains: 
Warning--empty note in CAlt2
Warning--there's an address but no publisher in CAlt2 

Ok but note is optional for techreport and I do have a publisher... or isn't publisher=institution??

  • Normally, the publisher is the company or the printing house, being responsible for distribution. The institution might be a science department, an organization etc. In general, those are not equal, in my point of view – user31729 Aug 6 '15 at 20:40
  • Bibtex does not treat them as equal as far as I know. And address is the address of the publisher so it makes no sense to have the first without the second. Don't know why it would complain about an empty note, though. It could be the style you are using - it might not be optional for that style, even if it is generally optional with the standard styles. But without a minimal working document we can compile which shows what you are doing, this is only a guess. (And seems somewhat unlikely to me.) – cfr Aug 7 '15 at 0:01

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