My test document:



\chapter{Single Lipsum}

        \chapter{Left Lipsum}
        \chapter{Right Lipsum}

\chapter{Final Lipsum}



Here I have two problems:

  1. There are two blank facing pages pairs (sorry for my english) before Parallel section.
  2. \chapter's in Parallel do not update heading lines: I have "CHAPTER 1: SINGLE LIPSUM" up to "Final Lipsum".

How can I workaround that?

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    The same thing happens with the book class so I guess that it is a problem with the parallel' package itself rather than a combination of the memoir` class and the parallel package. I have never looked at the parallel package. Commented Aug 9, 2015 at 17:36

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So, for this document I will switch from memoir to article and use \section's.

Now I can not see any other option .(

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