I haven't been able to find anything in chemfig for adding dipole moments to my molecules beyond creating custom arrows with tikz, which is more involved than I'd like at the moment. Is there some standard way to do this?

  • Potentially of interest. This doesn't help with the arrow situation to actually show the dipole however. – Christopher Aug 11 '15 at 18:01
  • Can you add an image what you want obtain? – skevin93 Aug 11 '15 at 20:46

This is more of a comment than an answer but I use the tikz arrow |-> to overcome my issue. It's not exactly what I want but gets me out of a bind for the moment.

        \chemabove[3pt]{C}{\scriptstyle\delta -}(-[::270,0.5,,,draw=none]@{a})-
        \chemabove[3pt]{H}{\scriptstyle\delta +}(-[::270,0.5,,,draw=none]@{b})
          \draw[|->, very thick] (b)--(a);
         \chemabove[3pt]{O}{\scriptstyle\delta -}(-[::270,0.5,,,draw=none]@{c})-
         \chemabove[3pt]{H}{\scriptstyle\delta +}(-[::270,0.5,,,draw=none]@{d})
          \draw[|->, very thick] (d)--(c);

enter image description here

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