Let's say I have a file that inputs files who input files.

foo.tex: \input{bar}

bar.tex: \input{baz}

baz.tex: Hello World!

When I am in foo.tex, Texmaker shows the structure

--- bar

When I am in bar.tex, it shows

--- baz

When I am in baz.tex, it only shows


Any way to make it always display



Edit: Or if there is not, is there a latex editor that does support this?

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Sort answer: No (afaik). TeXmaker simply read \input{bar} and then make a clickable "bar" label to open bar.tex, but the program do not make a recursive search, if fact do not check if the child file really exist.

Ask to see the hierarchy opening the child file (bar.tex) is simply ask too munch, IMHO. There are no any information in bar.tex about foo.tex, how the program can suppose that is a child file? Check in all the files of the working directory for a \input{bar}? And what if the file main file is not here? Search in all the hard disk? This really can slow down the computer. And what if bar.tex is included in both foo.tex and puf.tex and ten more files? What "main" document must be shown then?

The best could be start the child files like bar.tex with a comment like % included in foo.tex so you will not need this feature.

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