I am writing my thesis using book class. And I use include function so that I can have separate files for each chapter. One problem with this is that I must click run button in the main file. If I click run button in chapter files, error occurs. I learned that this is not a problem in TeX Studio so long as all the files is open. But I am using TeXWork and TeXMaker. So I always to find the right button to click, which is annoying. Is there an easy fix for this problem, please? Thanks.

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I'm using TeXMaker to write my thesis, and after trying with include and input, that had the problem you mentioned, I ended up using the subfiles package, in this way:

Main document




\subfile{./Chapter} % Chapter file's name (and position)


Chapter document

\documentclass[./MainDocument.tex]{subfiles} % Main document file's name (and position)


In this way I can compile a single chapter. I saw that not all the properties (such as line spacing or headers/footers) of the main document are passed to the subfile; however, I compile the subfile only to check the content of the chapter, while I check the style and so on when I run the main document.

  • How did you find that out, please? Only curious.
    – LaTeXFan
    Aug 13, 2015 at 6:56
  • @LaTeXfan Actually I don't remember, since it was when I started organizing my thesis files and learning LaTeX at the same time, so I was googling like a thousand problems a day! :-)
    – MarcoG
    Aug 13, 2015 at 6:59

Both Texmaker and TeXworks are able to do this.


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