I have already read LaTeX template for resume/curriculum vitae. What I need is just a simple two column latex cv. it should look like this:


Please note that this is added at the bottom of an existing document. And this document already uses a customized class. So, I think, just using another class for the CV is no option.

Basically I would just like to know, how to achieve a formatting similar to the one in the image.

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    Just use a longtable with two columns – user11232 Aug 13 '15 at 14:42
  • Or use \marginpar for the left column – hbaderts Aug 13 '15 at 14:48

With longtable

  Curriculum Vitae
    Address  & Some address \\
             & Again some address\\
             & and again\\[1em]
    Date of birth & 12.02.2015 \\[1em]
    Education & \lipsum[1] \\[1em]
              & xxxxx \\[1em]
              & \lipsum[2] \\[1em]
              & xxxxx \\[1em]
              & \lipsum[3] \\[1em]
              & xxxxx

enter image description here


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