This is related to the question How to space before and after a `minted` code block with bgcolor? There it is explained that there is a bug with minted which causes the space above and below a code block to disappear when you set a background colour. A fix is given for the minted environment. I want to fix the \inputminted command as well! Unfortunately the same fix doesn't work as this is a command not an environment.

I thought I could fix it with \apptocmd and \pretocmd, but as the following minimal working example shows, \pretocmd does the right thing but \apptocmb gives the error "! Missing \endcsname inserted."



% The following line doesn't work

% These are the fixes given for the minted environment


n = 20
for i in range(n)
    print("Hello World")


% Here is where the problem lies.


% This bit of code works as it should
n = 10
for i in range(n)
    print("Hello World")


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The \inputminted command is defined with an optional argument, so it's not patchable with etoolbox, unless you say


(see How can I use \patchcmd with commands with optional arguments?)

The package xpatch does the necessary bits by itself.


enter image description here

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