is there any possibility that \calligra font will write chzech words like for example ž \v{z} ?

I use \usepackage[IL2]{fontenc}, \usepackage{calligra} and it wrote words like á \'{a}, bud did't ž \v{z}.

I tried \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}, but it didn't help.

Is there any possibility to write this words in \calligra?

Thank U very much, have a nice day.


The font table shows all of the glyphs present in the font.

For LaTeX to typeset a character in a certain font, it must either be supported directly by the font e.g. the character is @ and the font contains an @ symbol. Or, it must be possible to construct the character from characters the font does supply e.g. the character is ŵ and there's no ŵ in the font but there is a w and a ^ accent suitable for combining with the w.

Unfortunately, neither of these situations applies to ž. In theory, I guess you could use a rotated ^ accent. However, you would either need to prepare a special virtual font and install it, or you would need to define a suitable command for producing it. The former would be better than the latter, but a lot more work. And neither is likely to give entirely satisfactory results.

Here is a sampler of the non-rotated accent:

little roofs

I'm not sure this would work terribly well rotated...? When I tried it, it looked almost identical, if not identical, to the non-rotated version so you might as well type \^z:

z and z with a little roof: right way up or upside down?

  • Thank U, that solved my problem. I'll use {\^z} instead of ž, in this font it looks almost same. Thank U.
    – Kuba
    Aug 14 '15 at 5:01

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