I use \input for a subsection, in which I would like to include a pdf_tex file MK.pdf_tex via \input. The pdf_tex files are in a folder /fig. If I use \input{./fig/MK.pdf_tex} it returns the error "MK.pdf not found".

If I try to use the graphicspath as shown in the code below, I get the error "MK.pdf_tex" not found.


And in my subsection:


Thus, I assume that in the first case, only the pdf_tex gets the path information from input. In the second case I guess, that the graphicspath does not work.

If I put the MK files in the same folder as my subsection.tex, it works.

Thank you very much in advance, Doedork


The \graphicspath{} command defines the directories only for \includegraphics{}, therefore in the \input command you have to use the relative position, like \input{./fig/MK.pdf_tex}. If I remember correctly, there is the \inputx package that allows doing the same for \input; maybe you want to give it a try.


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