I am trying to preserve a history of the latex commands and environment initializations I use in a typeset html or pdf file. Is there a way where I can force a pre-process action on all commands defined in my document or external packages without having to redefine them all manually, or run a script on all my files to pre-process the commands (kind of like the way lilypond does in producing modified copies of all tex files)? I would like to declare a macro that is run on every (expandable command) and treats any document command as a string and gives it actions.

I don't think these details are needed for this question, but these actions would look something like:

  1. A refname call (not ideal because I think this only works on labels, so maybe verbatim, if this could be applied to the content of #1.
  2. An execution call
  3. Places these together in a hyperref (or some other way to customize the retrieval of two superimposed text objects).

Descriptive Example that won't work

\DeclareDocumentCommand{\WorkContentBlock}{ m }{%
     %refname or other custom verb command to display the command as a string
    Show the latex string of \cite{XXX,YYY} or \cref{label:A}

Please note: Not a duplicate of Display shortcuts other than urls with href because (while they are part of the same proposal) this linked question assumes that I have successfully implemented the answer to this question or coded it manually).

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